Leipzig English Church

A diverse church committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, worshipping Him primarily in the English language. We seek to love God in all of our lives, with all that we are—"with all our heart, soul, mind and strength". We do this in response to what He has made known of Himself in Scripture, with an emphasis on:

  • Bible teaching: We believe that when the Bible is taught, God's voice is heard and only this can meet our deepest needs.
  • Prayer: We aim to be a church built by God not man!

Officially Anglican, and with our roots in that denomination, we aim to be a church where a person from any church background (and none) can feel at home. Many people comment on the warm and friendly atmosphere on Sundays, and enjoy the blending of old and new, traditional and contemporary.

Please use the menu bar at the top to explore this website. We hope that it will tell you everything you need to know about LEC. But if it does not, just ask.

October News

Harvest Festival

There will be an All Age Harvest Festival service on 4th October.
You are invited to bring fresh fruit or vegetables, or anything home-made (food or otherwise). These will be sold afterwards to raise money for the 'Compassion' child in Bangladesh sponsored by the Diggers.

Visit our LEC at 20 webpage
to find out more about how we'll be celebrating our
20th Anniversary of LEC
9th - 11th October

Bishop's visit, 25th October

Bishop Robert will be with us for all our services on 25th October. The morning service will be a Holy Communion service, during which Bp Robert will confirm various candidates. Afterwards there will be some formal greetings, followed by Church Lunch at 1pm (a bit later than usual).

Early Church Seminar

Curious about the early church? Jerry Henshaw will present a seminar on the 'Apostolic Fathers' on Sat. 31st October from 10-12:00 at the Gemeindehaus. Please reserve your spot by email to JerryH93611@yahoo.com

1000 Beter für Leipzig

See www.hoffnung-fuer-leipzig.de to find out about this contribution by Ev. Allianz churches to '1000 Jahre Leipzig'. It will culminate in a joint service and prayer walks on Buss- und Bettag (see below).

Dates ahead . . .

18th November - Buss- und Bettag: 10:30am Ev. Allianz service as part of the initiative '1000 Beter für Leipzig'

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