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We encourage all members of the church to be part of a small group. As well as groups for children and youth, there is a variety of adult groups to choose from:

Home Groups

Home groups are the main way church members can get alongside one another in way that isn't always possible at the Sunday meeting. Usually on an evening during the week, we gather in groups to study God's Word, wanting to help one another to understand and apply it so that we grow to know and love the Lord better, and are better equipped to live for him. Our hope is that as we grow closer to Him, so we will grow closer to one another. So, by praying together and caring for one another, members of a homegroup are wanting to walk alongside one another in the Christian life.

Home groups meet as follows:


7.30pm Evening Women’s Bible Study, Hardenbergstr., at Petra's,
Leader: Petra (0175 5007252)


7.00pm Sommerfelder Str., at Christian & Birgit's, Leader: Russ (0176 23108896)

Russ and Bruni Bilowich host a new (mainly) English language home group on Tuesday nights in Leipzig Holzhausen. Eight to ten people currently attend. We are comparing Leviticus and Hebrews with our theme being: How can we approach a holy God. Since we are so new, we are still really flexible, but so far the plan is to start at 7.30pm with some singing/praise time, followed by digging into the Scriptures, then prayer and finally some time for fellowship/socializing with cake/tea/juice/etc. We plan on ending by 9pm each evening. Newcomers are welcome.


9.30am Women’s Bible Study (Bilingual), at Shakespearestr., child care available
Leader: Emma (0159 02414664)

WOMEN WANTED!!! The women of the Women's Bible Study are curious to get to know you better. Every woman is welcome! We're a group of about 20 women, different in age, nationality and background who meet every Wednesday morning. We'll start with tea/coffee and cake, building and cultivating friendships with a good chat. Then we'll split into two groups (English and German) for studying the word of God and praying in small groups. Afterwards we'll get together again - and chat - we're women! Interested? Ask Emma for further information.

7.00pm Büttnerstr., at Mimy's, Leader: Martin R-W (5614324)

7.00pm Heinrichstr., at Larry & Sinéad's, Leader: Larry (0157 76634918)

7.15pm Arthur-Polenz-Str., at Vittorio & Nora's, Leader: Vittorio (0176 63096179)

The featured home group this month (Nov. 2015; hosts: Nora and Vitto Bilowich-Montauti) meets each Wednesday evening (other than the first in the month) at 7.30 pm for a meal together (pasta - if Vitto is cooking) and lots of laughing and fellowship. After that the group spends quite a lot of time reading and discussing a bible passage - there is just so much food for thought in the book of Matthew! If Vitto is leading then we even enjoy a creative PowerPoint presentation to guide us through the study. We finish the evening  with prayer and dessert. Currently, around 9 people attend regularly.

7.15pm Shakespearestr., at Stefan & Ivonne's, Leader: Stefan S. (4206048) - German

Der deutschsprachige Hauskreis bei Seidels trifft sich Mittwochs. Um 19:15 geht es los mit Abendessen; manche kommen erst um 20 Uhr, wenn wir mit dem Bibelstudium anfangen. Wir lassen keine Themen aus, sondern beschäftigen uns mit dem ganzen Reichtum der Bibel. Aktuell lesen wir Johannes (Evangelium und Briefe). Um 21 Uhr teilen wir aktuelle Gebetsanliegen und beten, zum Abschluss gibt es immer auch Nachtisch ☺ Bitte bei Interesse zwecks Essen per E-Mail oder Telefon anmelden: 0341-4206048 oder Stefan Seidel.

7.30pm Schenkendorfstr., at Damaris S.', Leader: Bill (0157 32244809)

19:30 Uhr Sternwartenstr., bei Theo & Katja, Leiter: Theo (69814581) - Su4

19:30 Uhr, Leiter und Info: Klaus (30672522) - Su4



If you would like to join a home group,

please talk to Martin (3027951).

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