This website is for you, if you are:

  • an Erasmus, Socrates or other exchange student coming to study in Leipzig for a year or semester
  • planning to complete a whole degree in Leipzig
  • going to be an international student anywhere in Germany
  • not even a student, but moving to Leipzig or Germany for the first time

This website is simply a collection of useful information for anyone from overseas planning to study or live in Leipzig (or elsewhere in Germany). It aims to help get you up to speed quickly and make your first weeks here as smooth and trouble-free as possible. You may therefore find it useful to read through as much as possible before you get here, in order to be best prepared.

Occasionally, where the information you need already exists at a better source elsewhere on the internet, you are simply pointed towards that site, wherever possible in its English version. So make sure you follow all those links too!

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This page provided as a service to all students by Leipzig English Church.
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