Sunday services at LEC

Our Morning and Evening Services are usually at 10.30am and 6.30pm (18:30) every Sunday. The German language Service is held at 16:00 (4pm). (map and directions).

We hold a monthly Prayer Book Service at 9am. It will last 45 minutes and is provided for those who appreciate a straight liturgical service. (No children's ministry.)

There are groups for children during the morning service. There is a Communion service once a month in each service, and everyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour is welcome to share in this.

After the service...
  • Please stay, enjoy refreshments and let us get to know you.
  • There are people available to pray or talk with anyone who requests it. You will find them through glass doors to the right of the stage in the meeting room, or ask the preacher.
  • Sermon recordings and the bookstall are usually available.

In the next weeks

Morning Service (with Children's Ministry)
Sunday 28 May at 10:30am

Sonntag Um Vier (mit Kindergottesdienst)
Sunday 28 May at 4:00pm (16:00)

Evening Service
Sunday 28 May at 6:30pm (18:30)

Womens Bible Study
Wednesday 31 May at 9:00am

Midweek together
Wednesday 31 May at 7:30pm (19:30)

Thursday 1 June at 7:00pm (19:00)

Tiny Tots
Friday 2 June at 10:00am

Womens Bible Study
Wednesday 7 June at 9:00am

Midweek together
Wednesday 7 June at 7:30pm (19:30)

Thursday 8 June at 7:00pm (19:00)

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